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Suppliers of cake, cupcake boxes and accessories.

When it comes to your baking goods, you want good solid packaging to keep them safe and secure until they reach their destination. Because most packaging gets thrown away, you always want an eco-friendly solution that is compostable or biodegradable. So when it comes to cupcake boxes in Perth, contact us for high quality, eco-friendly products.

When you are selling birthday or wedding cakes, you want sturdy cake boxes that will ensure that your Perth clients receive a cake in its original condition.

All boxes made from natural products

Many of our products are made from natural sustainable materials. Our range of I am Eco products is designed and manufactured taking both your needs and the environment’s into account.

Wholesale suppliers of cake packaging

We supply a wide range of businesses in Perth and WA with our wholesale cupcake boxes and cupcake box supplies. We take it one step further and will help you spread your brand and marketing message by custom printing all your cake packaging supplies. This means you get a complete package which looks good, protects your food and helps you build your business.

In addition to cake and cupcake packaging, we also sell and distribute a wide range of accessories suitable for parties, events, catering companies and retail food outlets. This includes serviettes, cutlery, plates, straws and table covers.

Wide range of boxes

As cakebox suppliers, we supply a full range of boxes of all shapes and sizes. So whether you are selling muffins, pastries, wedding cakes, tarts cookies or scones, we have suitable containers for you. Easy to open and easy to secure, so that nothing falls out or is damaged in transit.

In addition, we sell a variety of plastic cake containers including:

  • Bar cake pack
  • Cake dome tray
  • Cake tray square
  • Muffin packs
  • Extra large and small utility containers

Whatever your cake, cupcake and sweet treat packaging requirements are, contact your Perth packaging specialists. Browse our selection below, account holders can order online.