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Suppliers of disposable plastic takeaway containers.

If you are a retail store, a catering business or you sell takeaway food and you need a supply of high quality plastic containers for your Perth customers, then contact Fremantle Packaging Supplies.

Our plastic takeaway containers are ideal for serving food for takeaway or for safe temporary storage. They all come with lids, are easy to seal, and are transparent, meaning the food sells itself while keeping fresh at the same time. All our containers are made to be as heat resistant as possible and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

When your customers buy takeaway food to eat in a park or overlooking the ocean, they will need napkins and cutlery. We supply all that, making us your convenient one-stop packaging supply shop.

We stock a variety of disposable plastic containers for an assortment of reasons.

Burger and salad packs

From small and jumbo burger packs to the longer roll packs and sealed salad packs, we can supply and deliver it all, no matter what the quantity.


High quality rectangular and square plastic takeaway containers.

Recyclable rectangular and round container

These containers are fully microwaveable and can be reused multiple times.

Round plastic containers

A variety of sizes available in different round shapes, suitable for soups, pastas and salads.

Disposable food showcase containers

From sandwiches and cakes, to extra-large utility and small containers, we have something for all meals, large and small.

Whether you are a restaurant that requires takeaway packaging, a takeaway food outlet or a supplier of food to retail outlets, we have what you need. Excellent quality plastic containers that are sealable and durable. We supply a range of businesses across Perth and WA, and we supply in small and large quantities. Contact your Perth wholesale packaging specialists for a quote or more information.