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Suppliers of a wide range of eco-friendly disposable packaging.

At Fremantle Packaging Supplies, we are aware of the impact of packaging on the environment, that’s why we have made it our mission to source and supply high quality, environmentally friendly packaging.

If you sell takeaway food or are a retail or wholesaler supplier of food that requires packaging, our range of eco packaging is made using only natural materials. We supply the full range of Detpak packaging, which has been manufactured to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. From sourcing natural materials to the manufacturing and distribution process, right up to its disposal, Detpak products have a very low carbon footprint.

The entire eco™ range is made from plants, sugarcane, corn and trees, with no chemicals or plastics used. All products are either biodegradable, compostable or recyclable, ensuring minimum impact on the environment.

For anyone selling takeaway coffee, we sell a range of eco-friendly coffee cups, which can handle hot drinks and are 100% compostable.

Additional products

Eco cutlery

We supply an array of disposable eco-friendly knives, forks, spoons and stirrers.

Eco bowls and plates

Our eco-bowls and plates come in a variety of sizes. The bowls come with lids and all products form part of our sugarcane range.

Eco-friendly food containers

Recyclable rectangular and round containers, fully sealable with clear lids.

Sandwich wedges

Eco-friendly sandwich packaging designed to keep your food fresh for longer.

By using products that are sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable, we reaffirm our commitment to sustainable business practices that have a low carbon footprint and minimal impact on the environment.

We sell the I am eco range of compostable and biodegradable retail paper bags. This includes the D bag, which is an excellent substitute to the common plastic bag, and once printed with your company’s name and logo, can do wonders for your brand by advertising your commitment to eco-friendly business practices.

We also offer a custom-printing service, which means all packaging you receive can come with your name and logo on it, ensuring strong brand recognition for your company and enhancing your company’s green credentials.

We offer all our products at competitive prices and ensure outstanding personal service at all times. We believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to packaging, and our many satisfied clients are testimony to this.

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